Insurance Day London Market
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London market forum panel 1: Leaders’ Panel

Insurance Day’s London Market Forum brings together the market’s most senior leaders for an in-depth discussion of the biggest issues facing brokers and carriers.

As the market finds its feet in the midst of Covid-19, we will explore the way ahead of brokers, carriers and clients

Participants will come away with the best understanding available of the direction of the Lloyd’s specialty re/insurance market and of the rating environment.

They will be equipped with the tools necessary to find the best business opportunities for themselves and their business at a time of intense pressure on our industry.

Gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Re/insurance rate movements
  • Individual company business plans
  • The real impact of Covid-19
  • The outlook for the London market for 2021


David Croom-Johnson
Chief executive officer
Aegis London

Steve Hearn
Chief executive officer
BGC Insurance Group

Ashley Prebble
Head of Financial Institutions Group
Clifford Chance

Waleed Jabsheh

London market forum panel 2: Brokers and distribution

The broker market is undergoing a rapid evolution. But it is not yet clear who the winners will be. The merger of large brokers suggest scale is a big advantage - yet smaller brokers are optimistic. And the continuing success of managing general agents suggests there is much more to come from that model. All the while, changing client demands and rapidly improving technology pose challenges and opportunities for all intermediaries.

Gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The changing role of the reinsurance broker and of the MGA
  • How MGAs and brokers use analytics and technology to stay ahead of the pack
  • Value-adding in a very competitive environment.


Jason Howard
Chief Executive Officer
Acrisure Re

Matthew Fosh
Executive Chairman

David Coupe
Birketts EC3 Legal

Vanessa Macdonald-Smith
Executive Director
Oneglobal Broking
Panel 1 sponsor: Clifford Chance

Panel 2 sponsor: Birketts EC3 Legal