Webinar: How to Innovate in Shipping

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The global pandemic has catalysed the digital revolution; decarbonisation is demanding immediate innovation; global venture capital funding is at an all-time high; and bigger funds featuring dedicated teams with industry experience have created a more mature environment for smart ideas to meet smart money.

The conditions are ripe for change.

The question is whether a conservative, fragmented industry, where corporates have rarely been rewarded for experimenting and failing, is finally ready to take full advantage of this groundswell of innovation.

  • Will the start-ups looking for scale succeed?
  • Can we move away from just focusing on the asset to really considering business model innovation and create incentives to make positive change, rather than lowest common denominator regulatory enforcement?
  • Can we break down the siloed development of systems and ideas to create a standardised basis for digitalized efficiencies and re-think the industry’s approach to the circular economy and life-cycle management?
  • And how do we find a model that pays for all this in a more collaborative system where there is a premium available for quality, efficiency, and safety rather than a race to the bottom in terms of price?

The Lloyd’s List ‘How to Innovate in Shipping’ webinar, part of a series of events where Lloyd’s List is examining the future of shipping, looks at how smart ideas and smart money can help shipping escape its siloed thinking and kick-start a more collaborative, connected approach to integrating seaborne trade in the global supply chain.

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Richard Meade
Lloyd’s List

Andy McKeran
Maritime Performance Services, Lloyd’s Register

Andre Simha
Global Chief Digital & Information Officer
Mediterranean Shipping Company

Claus Nehmzow
Chief Innovation Officer
Eastern Pacific Shipping

Angela Noronha
Director for Open Innovation
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