Webinar: How to Innovate in Shipping

14th July 2021
Time: 9am BST / 4pm SGT

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For some, it is about technology (digital ships, AI, autonomy). For others, digitalisation offers a new way of engaging with customers (trading platforms, blockchain, trade finance security). For others, it represents an entirely new way of doing business (digital operation, ship-as-a-service, value beyond the vessel).

Much of the innovation already underway is not so much a single device or tool, but new ways of processing information and/or activities.

Innovation is clearly under way in shipping, but progress is too often limited to small scale trials and siloed thinking. Right now, most of the innovation on display in shipping is setting out to optimise current business models, rather than disrupting the status quo with new ones.

The emergence of a tech-focused group of industry innovation accelerator programmes has started to address the immediate need for financial support when it comes to maritime development and new business models. But just as the challenges are not shipping specific, the solutions need not come from within the maritime space.

Lack of progress leaves open a space for new entrants to steal a march on shipping’s laggards, with or without the promise of collaboration.

As other industries with close links to logistics, such as retail, become revolutionised by digital technology, the chances of digital disruption engulfing the shipping industry increase.

Through a series of on demand expert interviews, reports and a live-streamed panel discussion with industry leaders answering questions and sharing insights, Lloyd’s List will explore some of the most innovative ideas being developed in shipping and ask whether the industry is doing enough to match smart ideas with smart money, or whether its traditional fragmented approach to new ideas inevitably leaves businesses open to disruption and ultimately obsolescence?

  • Expert focus: Why shipping needs to do more to support innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Expert focus: Beyond the accelerator – scaling smart ideas and finding smart finance
  • Expert focus: Necessity is the mother of invention – how Covid catalyzed new thinking
  • Expert focus: The disruptors’ view of shipping

Live-streamed Webinar: How to innovate in shipping

Join investors, start-up expertise and industry leaders for an agenda-setting examination of how smart ideas and smart money can help shipping escape its siloed thinking and kick-start a more collaborative, connected approach to integrating seaborne trade in the global supply chain.

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Richard Meade
Lloyd’s List

Andy McKeran
Maritime Performance Services, Lloyd’s Register

Andre Simha
Global Chief Digital & Information Officer
Mediterranean Shipping Company

Claus Nehmzow
Chief Innovation Officer
Eastern Pacific Shipping
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