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Seasearcher Insurance

Maximise profitability, confidently set pricing models and protect your business from sanctioned activity with a suite of intelligent online tools specifically designed to help you spot and assess risk.

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Shine a light on risk

Assessing risk so you can price it accordingly and remain compliant is time-consuming and complicated. In response we have developed Seasearcher Insurance.

Access our core vessel tracking tools with additional enhanced risk detection and assessment features, to easily understand potential risk, get an unbiased picture of a vessel's condition and uncover illicit activity.


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Live Vessels Tracked

390 Million

Positions and Points Processed Daily


Reliable and Trusted Data
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Introducing an enhanced way to calculate risk

Enter into every business negotiation with your eyes wide open and save time with a simplified workflow. Seasearcher Insurance gives you everything you need with automated tools and uncompromising data from one trusted source.

Seasearcher Insurance includes

Seasearcher core tools
Vessel tracking, ports data, company ownership details, automated alerts and downloadable reports
Incidents and casualty reporting
Stay informed of casualties, seizures, arrests, inspections and detentions
Hull risk indicators
Get a clear, unbiased view of a vessel’s risk and operational history
Instant compliance risk indicators
Get an instant “big picture” indication of risk levels using multiple data inputs
Vessel timelines
Review interactive onscreen timelines with all key events and characteristic changes
Automated watchlists
Upload and screen vessels, companies and places automatically against your own lists
AIS gap notifications and alerts
Detect AIS gaps and if they occur in high-risk locations
Projected destination tracking
Get a clear indication of where a vessel may have travelled during ‘dark’ periods
Ship to ship operations
Identify vessels that frequently pair with your vessel of interest.
High risk port call indicators
Stay informed of vessel callings in high risk, Joint War Committee war risk areas or ECA zones
Sanctions screening and alerts
A clear view of current and historic sanctions
Casualty alerts
Monitor and track casualties globally

Harness the power of Lloyd’s List Intelligence

We have a robust framework to measure and continuously improve the quality of our data sets. We test our data against the criterea of consistency, origin, accuracy, completeness and timeliness before publishing. Which is why Seasearcher is the vessel intelligence tool trusted by maritime professionals all over the world.

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